Common Mistakes and Confusions

Common Mistakes and Confusions #

Author: Erhua

Keywords: Attention

In this section, I will list some of the places where I often make mistakes.


\vskip 5cm %Cannot use \vskip{5cm}


\newCJKfontfamily\qingsong{FZQKBYSJW--GB1-0}%Define a new name for the font family
\setCJKfamilyfont{qingsong}{FZQKBYSJW--GB1-0}%Set the CJK font family
Note the difference in meaning between the two, one is fontfamily and the other is familyfont.


\newCJKfontfamily\qingsong[ItalicFont = FZQKBYSJW--GB1-0,BoldFont = FZQKBYSJW--GB1-0]{FZQKBYSJW--GB1-0}
\newCJKfontfamily\fs[ItalicFont = STFangsong,BoldFont = STFangsong]{STFangsong}
Try to define fonts with regular, italic, bold, etc. as much as possible, otherwise you might not be able to find these fonts and get a warning.


%Make sure to set geometry before setting headers and footers, pay attention to this


\usepackage[heading = true]{ctex}
%Be careful not to force line breaks in ctexset settings (natural line breaks are allowed), otherwise it will not compile
\ctexset{section = {name = {第,回},titleformat = {\mysection}}}
\newcommand{\mysection}[1]{\Large #1}


\overbrace{Bracket Content}^{Annotation Content}
%Note that you must use the ^ or _ symbol, otherwise there will be an error


%When using the align or gather environment, be careful not to have empty lines inside, and do not add \\ after the last item
First Item\\
Second Item\\
Third Item (without \\)